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Here we are snow bound, but Beate (Marsalland Special Edition) has safely delivered a beautiful litter of 8 black puppies (3 dogs and 5 bitches) to Flatgarden's Eirik XVIII. A huge thank you to Christin the owner of Eirik in allowing us to use him and also to the "Flatgarden's Kennel" for sending over such an outstanding dog. The puppies were all very even weighing in at just under a 1lb (500g), Beate is being a very good mother providing an excellent milk bar to keep all happy! Robert is already wanting to feed the puppies with dog biscuits! Don't worry he is just giving those to Beate, who deserves a few extra treats! It is such an exciting time for us as it is nearly 4 years since we last had a litter. Go to the "Gallery" section to see more about Eirik.

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