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17/01/10 - The Beate Puppies are now 8 days old

Today Beate and her puppies had a visit from Mary and Sharon who helped to take the photographs. The puppies have grown well in the last week and we are all delighted with their progress. Beate is still looking amazingly well considering the size of the puppies. Grand dad Dennis is in the kitchen supervising their upbringing and alerting Sarah when he thinks all is not well, which usually means that the puppies are demanding more milk! He is being quite an amazing Grand dad. The puppies are fairly vocal if they think it is feed time and Beate is having a "rest" outside the box. Their little tails wag and they manage to move quite quickly already around their box. For pictures of the puppies, go to "Dogs of Today" then look for Beate bitches and Beate dogs. Hope you enjoy looking at them.

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