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27/02/2010 - Visitors Gallore!

The puppies had an exhausting day with many visitors - big and small, judges, breeders and interested parties all looking at the puppies. We were lucky as the day was fine, so we could be in the garden, although everyone was delighted to come in the kitchen and warm up! We were very grateful to Rosie Bates who took a few pics and provided the home page, but also to Hayley Tomlinson who took hundreds of very professional photos and she didn't get to have lunch! I will be working on putting some of these on the website or even providing links in due course. In the meantime some of the puppies are looking forward to going to their new homes next weekend - let's hope the new owners are ready for them! The Kennel Club registrations have come through and the names have the theme of "Under" in them.

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